Temporary fencing put up to secure the site


This month we have started to put up temporary fencing to secure the site. The fence in this location is a temporary measure as over the next 18 months there is going to be lots of activity on site and its not safe. We have also employed the previous golf course Marshall employed by Hounslow Heath Golf Course to visit the site on a regular basis as sadly there have been numerous incidents of vandalism since the golf course closed.

The course was used as an illegal venue for motorcyclists on off road bikes. This has caused a lot of damage to the old fairways.

There have also been incidents of stolen motorcycles being set alight and vandalised.

The old golf clubhouse was victim to an arson attack and was destroyed. We have now removed this building as it was very dangerous and we have also removed an old storage shed with an asbestos roof that had also been vandalised.

Parts of the golf course have been set alight, we don’t know whether this was done on purpose or by accident but hopefully with a greater presence on site this kind of thing won’t happen again.



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